Oh Canada

I love to post travel pictures, they are so fun to share and it reminds me of how much fun I had myself. At the beginning of August we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary by taking a trip to Vancouver, B.C. It was a first for both of us to visit Canada, and we enjoyed seeing the sights from the Olympics as well.  We got there on a Friday and took a bike ride around Stanley Park.  This first picture shows the downtown area behind us.

There were some pretty cool totem poles we stopped to look at as well.

This huge bridge was above us about half way through our ride.

We also saw the Ilanaaq, which you probably recognize as the emblem of the 2010 Olympics. When we first saw it I didn't believe it was the real thing, so it's a good thing that Cameron got a picture because I later realized it was the real deal.

After our bike ride we just strolled around the city, found a cute cupcake store, and walked by the ocean. Here I am by the harbor.

This is Cameron eating Lobster Mac, it was one reason that he was so excited for the trip because he wanted to try it for the first time. We ate at a cute little place called "Rogue."

Here is the Olympic Cauldron, both at night and then during the day, and it was nice because our hotel was just a block away and we could easily walk to see the Olympic stuff that was still around.

Isn't this a cool Orka? It's a sculpture that is made to look digital. Cameron's doing the same pose here.

So on day Saturday it was rainy all day, and after looking at some of the Olympic stuff we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. 

It was neat, you walked across the LONG bridge and then on the other side they had little paths you could walk on and other bridges from tree to tree that make me feel like I was visiting an Ewok village.

Yes, I was excited to be walking across the bridge.

I had to throw in both pictures of Cameron & I here because I think they are funny.

After we were done there we went to the Queen Elizabeth gardens. There were parts that were well cared for and other parts that seemed kind of dead (I didn't include any of those pictures).

I liked the way the rain drops were on this lily.

This picture in the large Quarry garden looking up toward the bridge.

And this picture is looking into the large Quarry garden from the bridge in the last picture.

These next two are from the small Quarry garden. I liked the Canadian flag design in the flowers as well as the sunburst design.

This is just another shot of the same thing but I had to include it because of the building in the top right corner. It's a restaurant named "Seasons at the Park." It was just a week or two after we got back from our short trip to Canada and we were watching "Psych" on USA Network. It's my favorite show and in the episode we were watching they go running into a restaurant and I pause the show and say to Cameron, "We've been there!" Turns out "Psych" is filmed in and around Vancouver, and I was right, they had a scene right here!! I felt so cool that I realized it, figured it out, and had been so close.

These statues were right across from each other so we each posed right across from each other.

Sunday we visited a few more Olympic sites. This is the countdown clock that they still have up.

After going to church and before we hit the road we also visited the Temple. It's brand new this year.

When we got to the border I was driving and the line was slow so Cameron got out and got pictures around the park.

As he was taking pictures the line started to move and I couldn't see him anymore, I started getting closer and closer to crossing the border. I called his cell phone but he wasn't answering so I honked my horn like I told him I would do to let him know he needed to hurry and he came running back right in time so I didn't have to leave him in Canada. :)

It was such a fun, short trip and we look forward to doing it again sometime!


Denis & Sarah said...

Hey! So excited to find out you have a blog!
All these pictures just took me back to the time I lived in Vancouver. I'm so glad you found the cupcake shop... hope you tried the mint one! I miss that beautiful city all the time. I need to go back and see the temple now. Glad you're having fun!!