Home Life

Roderick is 7 weeks old! Here are some fun pictures from the last 7 weeks and with some of the fun visitors we've had come to meet Roderick.

Meeting Grandma Curtis

All packed in his car seat. When he came home from the hospital he was only 5 lb 15 oz and even all strapped in he seemed to just flop around.

Having his first sponge bath at home- he still loves having his hair washed and his head rubbed and when his head is under the water he completely relaxes.

Wearing his 'Grandma' outfit

Taking a little nap on Daddy's chest

With both Grandma and Grandpa Curtis

2 weeks old

You can see his hand coming out the neck of his sleeper. He's never been one that likes to be swaddled and one night I had him swaddled nice and tight in his blanket but he got his hand out of his sleeve and up by his face like he likes.

3 weeks old

First bath in the tub- it wasn't the happiest time but we're getting better :)

Meeting Aunt Melisa

Sleeping on Grandma Salony's shoulder- I love that she calls him Roderigo

Cuddled up with Grandpa Salony

All our Salony visitors

4 weeks old!

Relaxing one morning before his bath- showing off one of his half smiles

The Salony Men

4 Generations

Spending some time with Steph

Coincidentally matching tie and dress for church

This cute little monster at 7 weeks old and a little over 10 lbs!


Adam and Brooke said...

So cute! I still can't believe that we had babies so close together. It makes it do much fun!