Pinterest Show and Tell

As I had mentioned in my breadmaking post I've been busy in the kitchen making other treats as well. I must say- I'm pretty new to Pinterest, but it does give me fun ideas- most of which I've acted on have come from my food board. Here's a few of my own pictures and the links to the recipes.

The Cinnaburst bread recipe from my previous post can be found here:
And the good news is I just found out Great Harvest is opening in Kennewick on Friday- Yipee! Looks like I can just go buy it now.

Here's a picture of the pumpkin zucchini bread I made. All in all I made 10 loaves :) Not just for us to eat, they were to share! I've actually seen a lot of good looking food on this site:

I did take a few pictures of the fruit leather process. The recipe comes from Our Best Bites Savoring the Seasons Cookbook (Thanks Steph!) I must say I've really been enjoying this treat/snack. My first try I used some strawberries, but I got all these plums from a friend in our ward because I knew they would be perfect (and free since strawberries can be expense at the store). Hopefully next summer I'll be able to do this when the raspberries and strawberries in our garden start producing.

It's pretty simple, you just cut up the fruit and stew to make them nice and soft,

Blend it up with some lemon and honey or other sweetener,

And then pop it in the oven at 170 for 6-8 hours. It took me 4 nights to get it all done, so maybe next year I'll invest in a dehydrator!

I don't have any pictures, but this week I made homemade granola bars from here:

They are pretty good, I liked it because they were super easy to make and I'm not the hugest chocolate fan so I can add crasins or white chips or cinnamon chips and make them my own flavor. I'm going to do some more experimenting and come up with the perfect granola bar.


Kara M. said...

Ohh Homemade granola bars sound tasty! I love pinterest too for fun food ideas. I have found lots of good recipes on the sixsistersstuff blog! Glad you're making fun treats. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin zucchini bread. We really enjoyed it!