One Tough Mudder

Well I don't know if I'll ever be caught up enough to post pictures from our adventures over the summer- but at least for now I'm staying caught up with what we've been up to.  At the end of September Cameron ran the Tough Mudder race up near Seattle. It's an extreme race that is over 11 miles long and has 25 crazy obstacles. Roderick and I went with him for our first little trip as a family. We stayed in Tacoma and got to see several things we haven't seen before on our trips to the west side of the state.

When we got to Tacoma we went to the Museum of Glass- AWESOME! I think blown glass is beautiful- and neat to watch as it's being created too.

Our hotel was right in downtown so we walked to the museum and you can see Union Station in the background of the picture here.

Roderick didn't care so much for the glass, but really enjoyed all the lights in the museum.

My favorite part was the "Hot Shop" where you can sit and watch them blow the glass. We sat in there for at least an hour.

And here are a few photos outside the museum, it was right on the water and had great ambiance. 

After the museum we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. That is one dinner I won't forget- let's just say Roderick wasn't too happy while we were there.

On Saturday morning was the big race. Cameron ran with a friend Matt and they went faster than they were anticipating and finished in less than 2 hours. I got a few photos at the beginning but since they went faster than they anticipated I missed them at some of the big obstacles at the end.

This first photo is Cameron climbing out of the "Arctic Enema" brrrr

 Matt and Cameron running

Going up and down this ravine- they had to do it about 5-6 times

Climbing/crawling up a hill

 And here they are after they finished- Everest was a huge half pipe they had to get to the top of. You can see some runners in the background.

This was the final obstacle and all the little strings hanging down are live wires that would shock you as you ran through!

I was proud of Cameron and all his hard work preparing for the race- he did great and had a lot of fun.