May the Fun Never Stop

Life is so full of changes, especially right now for us. I was actually starting to feel like we were kind of settled here in Tokyo when Roderick decided he didn't like his crib. I feel kind of bad for him because I think if we were still in the USA he would still be okay in his own crib, but the one that we were given in our apartment is smaller, and right next to the bed makes crawling out a breeze. It was September 4th that he started crawling out, both in the morning and after his nap, so we had housekeeping come take the crib away and leave a 'futon' for him to sleep on the floor. I took a picture of his room after his nap when he crawled out and wouldn't nap. My favorite part is that he gets up to the desk to turn off the noisemaker (sort of to say, "I'm not going to sleep any longer")

I've arranged his little futon on one side of the room and we are working on our new routine for naps and bedtime. It's rough! I do like the places I find him sleeping like squished next to the wall or right next to the door or one day he even climbed up on the big bed to nap.

As if getting rid of the crib wasn't enough we started potty training on September 8th. I've been gearing up and didn't want to keep pushing it off so we went ahead as planned. Roderick is a potty training champ, it was a lot harder on me than him. Being cooped up in the house without going anywhere for a few days was almost more than I could handle being in a new place and feeling homesick without being able to go and explore and distract myself.

This was our snack command center for day one of potty training- just note that the goldfish came from the USA and now we're all out of one of Roderick's favorite snacks.

A few days before we started potty training we spent Saturday, September 6th, at the Ueno Park Zoo. It's just a 20 minute train ride away and the admission is cheap for adults and kids are free. It was a great, but HOT day. Roderick loved the Zoo and all the animals there. Since going to the Zoo he always asks if we're going to see animals when we get on the train.  We couldn't get more than 1 or 2 pictures of him looking at the camera throughout the day because he didn't want to take his eyes off the animals. Here we are with the elephants that were right near the entrance.

We liked this sign directing us to see the Polar Bear and 'Seal Oceans'

We saw the Polar Bear right as he was being fed and it was neat to watch him swim around while getting his food.

Everywhere we go, even outside of the Zoo, Roderick loves to see pigeons and wants to chase them around. Of course, at the Zoo there are lots of pigeons around all the food areas so he was more interested in chasing birds than eating lunch.

Here we all are with a big stuffed Panda Bear, when we saw the real ones they were just laying around and sleeping.

This 5 story Pagoda we tried to see when we were here last November but it's inside the Zoo, so we got to see it close up finally.

Here we are with the Hippo.

Right next to the Zoo there is a big lotus pond.

And the last photo- me with part of the city behind me.  Needless to say this was our first trip to the Zoo, but definitely not our last.


Kara M. said...

Wow! The Zoo looks awesome! Sounds like you are having lots of changes! I can't believe Roderick decided he was done with a Crib and potty trained all within 2 weeks! That's a lot of changing for a two year old!!