The Weekend Update

Ahhh, the weekend, don't we all love the weekend?! Here's an update of what we've done the last two weekends. The weekend of September 13th we took a trip to Kamakura, which is a coastal city southwest of Tokyo. We took the train to get there and our first stop was Kotoku-in, a huge Buddha statue that is about 45 feet tall. 

By paying .20 we were able to go inside, here are our faces saying, "Wow, this is so big!"

After looking around Kotoku-in we stopped at another Temple in the area and then took a train ride to some nearby caves

The caves were on the far side of a little island so we hiked over the top and got some nice views on the way

The lighthouse in the background of this photo is called the Sea Candle Lighthouse

You can barely see Mt. Fuji in this picture, it looks like part of the clouds, but it was just clear enough to see it from a distance

There were a lot of stairs both up and down to get to the caves

A little photobomb by Mom 

Looking out of the caves at the water

This poor little man took a tumble in the caves and got a nice bruise on his forehead because he had a yen in each hand and didn't catch himself.  By dinner time he was all worn out and ready for a nap.

Practicing his gymnastic skills on the train

It was a full 12 hour day by the time we got home but I really enjoyed being outside of Tokyo and seeing the beautiful coast.

On Saturday, September 20th, we went to try and watch the Grand Sumo tournament that is going on right now. The tickets were sold out for the day so we bought some advance tickets for Wednesday the 24th.  Right next to the Sumo Stadium was the Edo-Tokyo museum so we decided to take a look around.

The museum was on the 5th and 6th floors and we got to ride escalators up, which Roderick loved. There were a lot of neat models to look at and they had a fun presentation of some little toys and puppets that could shoot arrows and do flips by themselves.

Taking a little "ride"

Cameron getting a little squat workout during our museum visit

Here we are with a model of Kabuki Theater, which is classical Japanese dance-drama where as you can see they wear elaborate costumes and makeup.

Our little family sitting in a rickshaw

Riding an old fashioned bike

Roderick enjoyed playing around in this model home and asked where the chairs were when I asked him to sit at the table with me.

Walking over a model that was underneath the floor

And in anticipation of the coming week, my little Sumo!


Sara Jolie said...

fun! it looks like you are enjoying yourselves :)

Kara M. said...

Wow! Looks like you guys are seeing lots! Those caves look pretty cool and I love your 'Peace' pose! You're fitting right in with the Japanese people! :) Can't wait to hear about the Sumo tournament! That museum looks pretty neat!