A Day with the Dolphins

I know I've said it before, but one of the best parts about living it Tokyo is the number of family friendly things that are available.  On Saturdays we like to have fun family adventures. The first Saturday in October we went to the Shinagawa Aquarium. It was a relatively small aquarium, but the best part about it was the shows they held throughout the day.  The first show we saw was the sea lion show.

There were some fun tricks and they even had a few Halloween elements.

After the Sea Lion show we walked around the rest of the aquarium. Roderick was pretty wary of the sharks but got braver after a bit.

Roderick did not like it at all when Cam put his head right next to the octopus, but it was pretty funny.

Here we are walking through the tunnel with fish, turtles, eels, etc. swimming over our heads.

You can see that the park surrounding the aquarium was just beautiful.

After looking around we went back to watch the dolphin show, and had front row seats!

The show was great, dolphins are just amazing mammals and so entertaining to watch.

As we left the aquarium we bought Roderick a stuffed turtle. Turtles are one of his favorite animals and he loved it instantly and sleeps with it every night.