Just Life in Tokyo

I wanted to share some photos from our day-to-day life over the last while so I can remember it in the future.

We live near Shibuya, which is a very busy area. This dog, Hachiko, was a loyal dog who used to wait for his owner here everyday.  There's a statue and wall dedicated to him.

The Shibuya scramble is a crosswalk that goes in all directions at once. It's also the busiest crosswalk in the world.

Here's our little man dressed up and ready to go to church in his raincoat.

We had fun making our own play dough and have played with it quite a bit.

The Avenue of Gingko Trees in Meiji-Jingu Gaien

Playing with pipe cleaners 

I attended a neat event where seven WWII POW Veterans were invited back to Japan where they toured and met dignitaries, etc. and they spoke one evening at Temple University Tokyo. Their stories were truly amazing to hear first hand and I cannot fully express the feelings I had, but I did leave with an immense amount of gratitude for what they endured so that we can be free and enjoy the liberties that we have today. I'm proud to be an American. I'm also happy that the United States and Japan are now friends.

Roderick found his dad's extra pair of glasses one day and came walking out of the room like this

Wearing his sunglasses without the lenses (so he'd stop trying to put on his dad's glasses)

Playing at "Robot Park" with all the slides

Sparklers with friends

Eating a Krispy Kreme

Hanging out and playing at the Midtown Mall- and taking a selfie

Overalls & Pants

It's been a while since he's worn overalls and I guess he felt like he needed regular pants on as well so he's wearing an extra pair of jeans over his overalls in this picture.

I was a little sad when I saw them pruning all the trees up and down our street because we won't get to see the leaves change color and fall.

Roderick pulling off the socks with sandals look

Playing on the ladybug at the park

Going out in our rain boots 

Daddy's and Roderick's matching socks