Cup Noodle

Did you realize that it's Cup Noodle, not Cup of Noodles? We went out to the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama on October 18th.  The exhibit was very interactive and kept us all entertained as we looked around. 

Look at how "big" my little boy is ;)

When you touched these pictures they would start a "shadow" picture on the wall above that would convert to other things that look similar.

The best part was getting to make our own Cup Noodle. We got empty cups that we decorated and then we got to choose our flavor and toppings to go inside.

The Cup Noodle Man- all dressed up for Halloween

After the museum we walked around the area where there were a few little amusement parks and a mall. I couldn't pass up taking Roderick on this little Thomas ride for 200 yen.

The week after we went to the museum we ate our noodles for dinner.

We each had different flavors. Roderick's was original, Cameron's was curry and mine was chili tomato.

These little chicken faces are made of fish paste, which is basically the fish version of hot dogs... I wasn't interested in eating them but Roderick loved them.

This is Roderick's cup

My Cup

 Cameron's Cup all the way around