We had a fun Halloween, it's great to have a child old enough to enjoy and understand what's happening. I was unsure at first what the Japanese would do to celebrate, but there were decorations up all over the place the whole month of October. Something that was definitely different was the "pumpkin situation." A small pumpkin runs anywhere from $20 on up, so we found our own way to decorate/carve pumpkins.

The week of Halloween we went to a church party, a trunk-or-treat, and some regular trick-or-treating at the US Embassy Compound. I like dressing up and I also feel like a costume needs to be used several times to make it worth the effort of buying/making it.

My cute little puppy

Handsome Mt. Fuji

At the trunk-or-treat with some friends we've met through Eikaiwa (English Class that I help with each week)

Chasing the glow stick

Out trick-or-treating with the masses

The big pumpkin face

I was quite surprised when we left our house on Halloween evening at the number of Japanese kids that were all dressed up and trick-or-treating at the businesses around our house.  From talking with others I found out that it's probably only in the last five years that celebrating Halloween by dressing up and trick-or-treating has really been happening.  On our way home Halloween night we saw this group of girls all dressed alike and they loved little Roderick so we got a quick picture. :)