Tama Zoo aka The Most Awesome Zoo Ever

We had been wanting to go to Tama Zoo for about a month, but due to weather and busy schedules we didn't make it there until the beginning of November. The day was nice and sunny and we had an amazing time there. The first thing we did was take a ride on the lion bus. It wasn't a huge enclosure and the ride was only about 10 minutes but the employees put little pieces of meat on the outside of the bus and the lions get right next to the windows to eat it which is a lot of fun.

I thought Roderick might be nervous, but he enjoyed it as much as we did.

For days after the zoo he would talk about the bus, the lions and the window. "Lion eat window."

The other part about the zoo that made it such a great experience was that all the animals were so active. Here we are with the zebras and giraffes in the background.

Roderick and the elephant

These monkeys were running and playing and chasing each other all around.

I think we were watching some birds in the picture below.

There were about 4-5 kangaroos that had little joeys in their pockets and we saw a few get in/out of the pockets.

They had quite a few kangaroos and we sat and watched them for awhile since it was so entertaining with the baby joeys.

Watching the tiger pace

Pretending to have antlers

The view from the the 'top' of the zoo

The rhino in this picture was standing pretty far back when we first walked up but then he lumbered right over in front of Roderick and got in the water.

Here we are at the front gate on our way out, and that's about it for another successful zoo day!