Legoland Discovery Center

There were so many fun pictures from our day at Legoland Discovery Center it was hard not to include them all.  The first full weekend in November was a little rainy and cool. We weren't sure what we wanted to do on Saturday as a family and then we came across information about Legoland Discovery Center in the Odaiba area. The center is a part of a mall and when you first enter they have a room that shows how Legos are made and you can push buttons and turn wheels, etc. Of course, throughout the center there are fun people and animals made from Legos.

One of the really neat things that they have built is a room that is a Lego replica of Tokyo, it has all the main sights and buildings.

Every 3-5 minutes the lights change and it goes from day to night.

There were also buttons that would make different parts move like the figures inside the sumo stadium.

I liked the look on Roderick's face in this picture while he's trying to decide how comfortable he is around this dragon.

Riding a bike, no big deal

Cameron's handiwork from one of the big tubs of Legos that are set throughout to play with.

Roderick showing his muscles and how strong he is. I'm helping him growl.

They even had a Duplo area for younger kids.

The race car area was pretty funny for a few reasons. Roderick was getting tired and every time he put his car down the track he would get sad and start crying like he wouldn't be able to get it back. He'd also cry when he'd see random pieces on the ground because he thought they were from his car and that it was breaking. A few of the ramps were too steep and the cars couldn't handle them, they'd just break apart. Cameron spent 15 minutes building his car and unfortunately it crashed and burned on its first run. 


Getting ready for the 4D show. It made Roderick a little nervous because it was so loud so he ended up on my lap. After the show he'd say, "Movie, loud!"

Although not the greatest picture, this little ride was fun, it just went around in circles and the seats moved up and down but Roderick had been watching it and wanting to ride. He was just barely, barely, barely tall enough, so we were glad they let him on the ride.


After we were done we walked through a few malls and went down by the water, Roderick was his charming self and made some new friends.

You might recognize this small replica of the Statue of Liberty. I hadn't realized there was one here in Tokyo until the night before we came out here.

Here we are with the Rainbow Bridge and downtown Tokyo behind us.