Day-tripping to Ofuna

I think I've mentioned before that we try to do something interesting or see something new on most weekends so towards the end of November we went to Ofuna to see the Taya Cavern. Lately, whenever we get on a bus Roderick wants to sit in the "high chair." It's his coveted seat and he even gets a bit upset if someone is already sitting there.

 Here we are getting our candle and getting ready to go in the caves. The caves were excavated from about 1200 A.D. to 1700 A.D. by Shingon Buddhist monks and it's amazing to see all they did in that time and the carvings that cover the walls and ceilings.

It wasn't until after we took this picture that I realized Roderick was still wearing his sunglasses, ha ha ha.

We liked walking through so we looped around a second time and by the time we came out our candles we nearly gone.

After the cavern, we found our way up to the Ofuna Kannon; the Buddhist goddess of mercy. It's 25 meters tall (about 82 feet) and very impressive. It was built as a call for world peace.

On the grounds (and behind us in this picture) they have an eternal flame taken from the fire that ensued after the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

After looking around the grounds, we made our way out and headed back home.