A Tokyo Disneyland Thanksgiving

Life and holidays are different here in a foreign country. Since turkey is hard (and expensive) to come by and most people work and go to school on Thanksgiving we decided to go to Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate the day and make memories in a different sort of way.  All in all it was wonderful. We got there before the gates opened and as we walked in we saw Tigger!

I think this picture shows Roderick's excitement!

Everything was similar to Disneyland in California except some rides were in Japanese.

As we made our way towards the back of the park we ran into Mr. Donald Duck, so the day was starting off very well and we'd only been there maybe 10 minutes.

We'd been reading Disney books, watching a few movies and looking at pictures online in the weeks before we went so Roderick would recognize and know what most things were. A little crash course in all things Disney.

After riding Dumbo the flying elephant.

He liked the carousal, we ended up riding that and It's a Small World twice.

He really likes Winnie the Pooh, and it's a popular ride so we got our fast passes for that at the beginning of the day. I think it's actually kind of a weird ride with the dark dream stuff and odd animals flying around.

He literally fell asleep on his feet while we were waiting in a dark line so after a little nap the only thing that could cheer him up was watching the character parade go by.

A couple of crazy race car drivers.

The beautiful castle

Kisses from my little man

Riding the train

We were surprised and excited to find roasted turkey legs for dinner. 

Oh the tea cups.  As soon as it started moving Cameron spun us into oblivion. Roderick got nervous and I started to get dizzy and disoriented.

Ride number two on It's a Small World. Roderick loved the little boats we got to ride.

Ride number two on the carousel. 

I had to turn Roderick's head away from the electrical parade so we could get a few pictures.

When we were watching the fireworks I realized that it was actually the first time Roderick has ever seen a fireworks show. He really enjoyed it.

It was a great Thanksgiving!! Thanks Tokyo Disneyland!!