Lights and Sounds

We found a list of the best "Illumination" shows around Tokyo and tried to visit several during the month of December. The first that we went to was actually more Autumn leaves than Christmas lights, but it was unique. At Rikugien Gardens they light up the autumn leaves after dark. We went right as it was getting dark and it was wonderful to see the bright trees in the dark and the beautiful reflections over the water.

Probably the "craziest" one we went to was at the Tokyo Skytree. It was so busy and the traffic didn't flow very well so it felt crowded, but they had a neat projection show on the side of a building and up on the tower that was accompanied by music every 20 minutes.

Having fun with friends on the train ride home.

Our favorite was the light show at Tokyo Midtown. It was a repeating show with music and moving lights on the ground that you could walk next to. In this first picture you can also see the Tokyo Tower in the distance (the little red stick.)

Roppongi Dori and Tokyo Tower

The Shiodome Caretta Illumination was nice, but we had expected a projection show rather than plain lights, but it was still pretty. My favorite part was looking down at the lights from the walkway three floors up.

Roderick calls these his "wink eyes"


Holli Anne Curtis said...

Super Cool! I love Roddy's Wink Eyes:)