Fun from November and December

Meiji Jingu is an area not too far from our apartment that has a beautiful street full of Ginkgo trees that turn bright yellow in the fall.  It's a popular area for locals to come and take pictures and enjoy the leaves. Roderick and I strolled over there one day and got some pictures.

Playing in the leaves with friends at Yoyogi Park.

After his bath Roderick always likes to be wrapped up like a "baby seal" and get snuggled before we put on his pajamas.

Celebrating Cam's birthday with a big pizzookie. Look at the anticipation on both of their faces!

Sometimes we joke that our apartment has 'events' just for our family and our friends that also live here.  Every other Saturday they put out treats and play a kids movie in the lobby and usually it's just our two families there. At the beginning of December they invited any who were interested to help decorate the Christmas tree in the lobby; again, we were the only two families that came to help.

Our apartment had a little Christmas party that we attended.

Meeting Santa at a Church party

Roderick loves saying hi to these seven dwarfs whenever we pass them...I'm not sure what they have to do with Christmas...but they're fun.

Someone got a NEW Lightening McQueen bed just a few days before Christmas. Roderick loves his new bed and it's great that he's been upgraded from sleeping on the floor on a Japanese futon (mat.)

 Modeling how comfortable it is...If only he went to sleep this easy, and with a smile on his face every night ;)


Holli Anne Curtis said...

I love his new bed! And he is the cutest little baby seal ever!!! I am glad you guys have a little family with kids his age to be friends with. Looks like a great time:)