The Greatest Show on Earth

Friday the 20th was sure a beautiful day through and through. I woke up, ran to the Post Office down the street for a box, got all ready and was out the door just when I wanted to be. It was nice and sunny but still pretty cool. The sun just made me happy since it was cloudy and rainy on Thursday. And luck was with me...with detailed directions I caught the correct bus this time and made it to the temple. It is such a beautiful temple and I love how tall it is, the stone is magnificent. I was quite proud of getting there finally and getting back was even quicker. I made it just in time for a tour of the Decatur House which was the first residence to share the block around Lafayette Square (then Presidential Square) with the White House. This was all I made it to before Cam got off and other museums closed. We noticed on Thursday night that the Circus was at the Verizon Center for a few days so we decided to go on Friday Night. Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey, it was the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Never mind that we got the cheap seats and were 1 row from the top, it was still spectacular. I firmly believe that the Circus is completely different from when I was little. There was a lot of acrobatics and different tricks. I was "ohh" and "ahh" ing the whole time. I'm so glad that Cam took me, I really had such a blast. And for those of you out there that don't think you'd have a good time, take my advice and go to another circus, there seems to be less animals and more performing tricks. (One of my favorite's was when they had 7 motorcycles riding simultaneously in a metal sphere) To top off an already great evening and wonderful day we stopped and got frozen yogurt on the way home. Such a tasty and satisfying treat.

Saturday the 21st was a lot of fun too! The first thing that we did was take a tour of the capital building. It was really pretty and lots of cool statues and amazing artwork. Our tour guide was so smart, he spoke 52 different languages which as you can tell really impressed me. The nice new visitors center that they just opened was also impressive I thought. Before you start the tour they have you watch a video about the capital which I really enjoyed. We then grabbed some lunch at Cosi, which I've been wanting to try, and another thing of frozen yogurt before heading into the International Spy Museum. The interactive "Operation Spy" was so much fun, and the museum also lived up to what we'd heard about it. We spent a good 4 hours in there and really enjoyed all their exhibits. I'm also proud to say that when I reached the end I passed the Spy test for keeping my cover as Angelena Falcone, Spy. :) By the time we finished we were ready to come home and relax after a full day on our feet. Both Cam and I had a great day, it was fun for us to have a full day together here in DC.

In closing, I'd like to vent for a second about public transportation, I have problems with it. It seems that I'm a lot better at my own personal transportation. I don't think I've mentioned it before but when I had my one day of travelling all around for 3 hours and getting no where my farecard also go demagnetized, so I had to get a replacement. The next day when I rode down to Alexandria I lost my farecard. I'm not sure how it happened. I passed it through the gates, ran down the escalator, and got right on a metro. It wasn't until about 5 stops later that I realized it was gone, and couldn't find it anywhere, and looked everywhere to no avail. The station manager let me out which was nice. Then on Friday when we were going to the circus my card wouldn't let me into the metro and Cam's wouldn't let him out of the metro. It's just a big nuisance :)